The Alzheimer’s Research UK Dementia Statistics Hub is part of our drive to raise awareness about dementia and the diseases that cause it. We aim to inform as many people as possible about the broad impacts of dementia and provide a tool for people to share this information.

Our main aim is to collate the vast amount of facts and statistics that exist about dementia and present them in a clear and simple format.

All the graphics on the site have four buttons;

  • Download; to download an image of the graphic, click this button.
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  • Share; to create a social media post about a graphic, click here and choose your platform. To show the image of the graphic, download it using the ‘Download’ button and then add it to your post.
  • More information; to find a link to the source of the graphic, click the information button.

It’s important that this information is as transparent as possible which is why we have provided the sources of the data included. Where this information is publicly available, we have linked to the source in the information button on each graphic. Where the data is not publicly available, please contact us for further details using the form provided.

Navigating the Hub

To look for a statistic, use the search bar to look for keywords and then filter results by tags or by section. If you are simply curious then you can browse through the category headings at the top of the pages or click Search Statistics to see a list of all topics. To see the entire site structure and a list of all the site’s pages, go to the site map in the top-left of the site.

If you are unable to find any information, please contact us.