Inequalities in dementia

Dementia affects people from all backgrounds and communities. However, there are significant inequalities in dementia risk, incidence, diagnosis and management. Some of these include:

  • Sex and Gender: Women are more likely to develop dementia than men, and they are more likely to become a carer for someone with dementia. You can read more about the impact dementia has on women in our report.
  • Socioeconomic status: People in lower socioeconomic groups in the UK are exposed to a higher risk of developing dementia, and may face additional barriers such as limited access to healthcare services.
  • Ethnicity: People from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities living in the UK may be at a higher risk of developing dementia due to increased exposure to dementia risk factors.
  • Down’s Syndrome: People with Down’s Syndrome are at a higher risk of developing dementia.

For more, read our report, Towards Brain Health Equity, or watch Dr Charles Marshall’s talk on poverty and dementia from our Clinical Conference in 2022.

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Alzheimer’s Disease in people with Down’s syndrome.